Julian Phillippi // Career Coaching & Consulting

I help smart, creative people redefine career.



Your career is an expression of yourself in the world.

It’s more than a job, more than a way to earn money, and much more than a straight line from intern to CEO.

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current position. You love what you do, but you feel yourself changing, and you want your work to reflect that. Or maybe there’s a little voice telling you it’s time to shake things up and start something entirely new.

If you’re ready to ask questions —hard questions—about your values and priorities, your beliefs and assumptions…

If you’re willing to embrace uncertainty in exchange for opportunity…

If you’re committed to finding honest work built on talent, dedication, and respect, for yourself and for others….

Then let’s talk. Together, we’ll map out a career that truly reflects who you are today, right now.



You know where you’re going. You have a good idea how to get there, and you want someone in your corner to help fine-tune your strategy and walk with you through the process.

In addition to coaching, I consult on a range of job search practices and offer related services.

  • Job search strategies
  • Résumé and cover letter development
  • Interview preparation and role-playing exercises
  • Social media management, including LinkedIn profiles

Based in New York City, clients around the globe.


I have been working my whole life.

From planting a garden as a small girl to managing a political campaign, I have found deep satisfaction in hard work with a purpose… in building relationships that challenge and inspire… and in expanding my professional skills and abilities.

And over the past 25 years, I have chosen a different way of managing my career. I have worked in publishing, public education, nonprofit program development, executive education, foreign affairs, conference management, and politics. A variety of experiences with one unifying thread: a conscious decision to take risks in pursuit of work that feels right.

In short, I have built a successful career by paying attention— to what I want to learn, to what makes sense for my life at a particular stage, and to how I want to contribute to the world.

Some risk. A great deal of reward. What could be more exciting?


I am a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW)



Julian completely demystified the job search process. I couldn’t have done it without her.
— Anthony, Decorative Arts Professional
I highly recommend Julian to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the job application process. Julian quickly got to the core of my skills and strengths to craft a resume that identifies all the right pieces from my nontraditional career trajectory. With Julian’s help, employers won’t be able to ignore your resume - you will be the exact candidate they are looking for.
— Tracy, Communications and Event Planning Professional


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